Key Lime Clamshell IBook

Key Lime Ibook Clamshell

I bought this from Ebay recently. Seller MHD59

I have four Clamshell IBooks now. The 4th is an original Apple Key Lime Clamshell IBook , in the 366 model, but has been upgraded so that I may use it today. I want to add that these computers aren’t lightening fast on the internet. Don’t expect to use them for gaming or Youtube, even Facebook messenger or large content sites.  But if you just like to do word processing, check your mail and design some brochures, these work just fine.   I have newer Mac’s for all the other wonderful things I want to do.   ( What’s up with connecting to the internet?  READ THIS PAGE. )

This computer set me back $359 shipped. There were cheaper working models on Ebay, but look what I got in this bad boy:

Included a big upgrade = 60 GB Hard Drive + Good Battery + 576 RAM (The Maximum)

Mac OS X PANTHER 10.3.9 + Mac OS 9.2.2 . Loaded of Software
Included: Wireless Wifi  NEW Airport Card . 366 MHz . USB . FireWire . Ethernet / Fax
AC Power Adapter Apple YOYO . 12.1 LCD . 60 GB HD . CD-ROM . Upgraded RAM 64 + 512 = 576 MB
FREE Software Installed Mac OS X: Quicken 2003 . Adobe Photoshop CS . Microsoft Office 2004
(Word . Excel . Powerpoint . Entourage . MSN)  iTunes . iPhotos . FREE Photos + FREE Music . Adobe Illustrator CS
Marine Aquarium 2.0 . Matrix GL .  Extras Browsers for G3:  + G3 Camino +  G3 TenfourFox +  G3 Opera
FREE Software Installed Mac OS 9: AppleWorks 6.0.4 . Fax STF . Nanosaur . World Text and much more
Now, I’m not complaining. It’s fitting in my desk area just perfectly!
Vintage clamshell ibooks in a workstation

Apple iBook Clamshells Are Coming Back In Style

Custom Laptop iBook in Pink

Seller on Ebay refurbishes laptops, I bought two in one month. All my friends want them. These custom refurbished models are hip and trendy, fourteen years later after they were originally released. Dinosaur or must have? It’s your call.

Fourteen years ago the iBook clamshell was introduced, in June of 1999. They began shipping in September 1999.  Under two years later, in May of 2001 they were discontinued.

A short production run faded these design worthy items into oblivion. Just how many were sold remains to be seen. Surely the good marketing campaign made the students, consumers, and schools (coupled with $1599 base model price, low for that era) a must have.

Just how many survived? That we are not sure of. In the past two months I have purchased two different iBook vintage clamshells off eBay. Both have been fully refurbished and come loaded with software. Although the seller warns of the slow internet speed, I surf on wireless just fine.

I started this blog because I surfed and had to piece together all the information needed to do my research on the Apple Clamshell. I hope sometimes this site provides a wealth of knowledge for those looking for more information.

I’d love to know if you still have or use your Clamshell.

Drop me a line and let me know!